Letter to America

United in Defense of Life, Liberty, and Freedom FOR ALL!

January 6th Political Prisoners, Hostages & PPOWs

The US Constitution is CLEAR: Each US Citizens is entitled to Due Process, Fair Bail, and a Speedy Trial! The US Government is shredding these fundamental Constitutional Protections of God-Given Rights AT WILL!

Election Integrity: The US Elections are No Longer Free & Fair!

Most Americans believe there is absolutely nothing Free & Fair about United States Elections, and there is evidence that shows their belief is justified!

Unlawful & Unconstitutional Mandates Destroys Freedom!

Federal, State, and Municipal Governments – through UNCONSTITUTIONAL MANDATES – are destroying our most basic Freedoms & Liberties!

US Sovereignty Threatened: Record Illegal Immigration Destroys US Sovereignty!

We can no longer afford to keep on welcoming illegal immigrants into our nation at record levels!

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